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These are two videos that I have created:

Berserk - No Room for Two: This is an anime music video set to the series Berserk. The music is the song "Black and White" by In Flames. Feel free to email me with opinions, or leave an opinion on the download site. This was my first AMV.

Berserk - Cloud Connected: My second AMV. I made this to play with digital effects, and thus utilizes many of them. Many of the effects I have not seen used in any other videos.

Berserk - Wonders: My third video, an experimental action video that uses only manga scans as the source footage. Various methods are used to animate the scans or at least give a sense of motion.

Puchu Puchu Puchu: A video I put together in a few days parodying Badger Badger Badger. Hours of viewing fun.